Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank you guys. Katatsumuri has officially retired.

Most of you should have guessed it coming...
due to my serious time constrains nowdays, I don't have the time to manage this blog or any other blogs now or I foresee in the future.
Though I welcome the idea if someone else want to take over writing this blog.

Anyways, there will be no shortage of ishiyoshi fix for you guys since I noticed the emergence of quite a number of ishiyoshi sites and forums recently.

The Ishiyoshi spirit will live on.

Hope you guys will remember Katatsumuri:
the one who made most of you an Ishiyoshi believer.

My mission is now complete.


Monday, January 04, 2010

hAngry&Angry in Taiwan - concert rehearsal

Basically Rika interacts with the fans more.
Rika (to fans): "When did you arrive, yesterday?
Then Yossi was asking what's behind.
Rika: "Seven-eleven?"
Crowd: "Shops."
Yossi: "oden? Where you can eat boil eggs?"
Rika: "You're probably the only one who likes to eat boil eggs."
Yossi (laughs): "I just had them back there."
Rika (to crowd): "I am a glutton, so basically, I like all food."
Fans: "What song are you going to sing?"
Rika: "Top Secret."
Fans: Woo~
(body stretching~)
Rika: "Today we're the miracle pair-look." (matching clothes worn by couples.)

Speechless, Yossi only could nod humbly.

(Me says...) Rika really is courting 'trouble' these days.  >_<

Sunday, January 03, 2010

hAngry&Angry @ I love Radio Taiwan FM103 - part II

(How can I forget this...)

One caller asked Yossi what she thought if she had to do a Michael Jackson dance with Niigaki Risa, since the latter had said so publicly. Yossi said it would be good idea. In fact, Rika and she went together to watch 'This is it' and were moved by the movie. Since the DVD will be released soon, she already planned to invite fellow h!p members to a DVD screening at her place, and they will dance and drink the night away.

hAngry&Angry in Taiwan's papers,5020,110511+112010010300018,00.html
(The title even boldly says they're 'lesbians'.)

* Yossi falls in love with Taiwan's milk tea.
* The trip to Taiwan, Rika has been eating non-stop because there are too many delicious food around. Milk Tea, xiao long bao and Peking duck. Just before, she was on a diet when doing photoshoot for her pictorial book, but now she's going to put on weight because of her bingeing. Asked about her weight now , she replied it is highly confidential.
* Asked what she felt seeing others who had graduated from MM getting married and having kids, Rika said she hopes to get married too, but is still waiting for her Prince Charming to appear. Yossi sat up, put on a manly voice and said "I'm the Prince Charming."
* Yossi cannot imagine herself getting married since she is a prince now.
* When they were in MM, majority of their fans are male. They notice there's some changes and now they have many female fans.
* Yossi doesn't mind hAngry's image being androgynous since she has always been boyish.
* Even back when they auditioned, Rika already found the thin and tall Yossi to be very cool.
* Rika said on TV recently that Yossi's has been praising her for being cute.
* Before the collaboration with h.NAOTO Yossi used to wear black because she thought she wouldn't look good in pink. But now she knows she can carry the colour well. For Rika, she likes to wear skirt more now.

hAngry&Angry @ I love Radio Taiwan FM103

(Since the show is in Chinese, which I am conveniently fluent with, I'll do a little translation.)

The guy host is a fan of Hello Project (mainly Yossi wota, I think) and he went to Japan to attend Yossi's graduation concert. Yossi thanked him for that, though she didn't sound as excited as he was. (LOL) It was Rika's second time on the show and Yossi's first. When asked about their impression of Taiwan, both girls think it's a very nice country and they are very happy to be invited to take part in their New Year celebrations. The host think the girls must have a very busy schedule because they were at Kaoshuing yesterday and today in Taipei (?? I'm not familiar with Taiwan), that must be some distance travelled, Yossi said it's not that far or time-consuming since there's the bullet train. Host said Taiwanese believe that if they are busy (with work) during the very beginning of the new year, it symbolizes that they are going to be kept busy for the whole year, which is a good thing, and since hAngry&Angry are already working on New Year Day, it bodes well for them. Again, the girls weren't really excited by this, but I guess it's because the translator didn't quite put the message across. When asked if this new year is going to be busy for them, they said they will have their concert tour soon.

When asked what they hope to do for this new year, Rika said she has been learning driving since August last year and she still has a few more lessons to go, so she hopes she'll get her driving licence before her birthday this month. Yossi said she wants to take part in the road bike race again and maybe to run in a marathon. Host thought it's quite surprising that Yossi, as an idol, is very into sports. Then he asked if there are fellow celebrities as into sports or anyone she trains with, Yossi said that girls she play futsal with are, in fact, from Hello!Project, a.k.a idols~ (Yossi sort of misinterpreted his question since he's more interested -me too~- to know if Yossi cycles or runs with any partner.) Asked what they bought for themselves in Taiwan, Rika said she took this opportunity to stock up her pajamas. She thinks pajamas sold in Taiwan are very comfortable to wear; she bought them last time when she came as v-u-den. Yossi said she likes bags and every country/place she goes, she will look for cute bags and buy them. Host said Yossi doesn't look like someone who like cutie stuffs and Yossi explained that her definition of cute is somewhat different from others: to her, skulls are cute. (LOL)

Call-in time: One said that Yossi doesn't like pink before but nowadays, she seems to like pink alot. The host thought the question was meant for Rika and Rika said she likes pink all along, on the contrary, she doesn't really wear pink nowadays. But she has this pink shawl she'll always wear and shows everybody her shawl (she's wearing it). Then host asked why Rika likes it so much and Rika said it has a smell she's addicted to when Yossi suddenly said 'KUSAI' (she probably go smell it when Rika said it has a 'nice' smell) and Rika told Yossi how she could said such a thing in radio, now people will think it's really smelly. (LOL)

When they got back from the break, the host apologised and said the question before was for Yossi and Yossi said she had thought the question was for her. Yossi said she likes pink all along, in fact, she loves pink even more now that hAngry's colour is pink. Another caller asked if they go out in private? Yossi confirmed (I wonder when people will stop asking the obvious) that they will go out for meals, drinks and karaoke. Host: So both of you are really good friends in private. Another said she was at the fan club event this afternoon and she was surprised that Yossi's really skinny. She hopes Yossi will eat more and put on some weight. Since Taiwan has many delicious food, she wanted Yossi to stuff herself with food. Yossi said since they will be going back to Japan in a day or two she didn't think there's enough time for her to put on weight, but she'll try to eat more xiao long bao. Host also thinks Yossi's too skinny. He knows Yossi is thin but never expects her to be so thin. He was really shocked when Yossi stepped into the studio just now.

Host asked if the girls like 'Tapioca' (pearl milk tea), Rika said she loves it, so he brought out many cups and treated everyone in the studio. Rika said it's really delicious and Yossi asked if the drink comes from a famous shop and the name of the shop. Host only said it's from the most famous milk tea shop in Taipei and didn't mention any shop name. Host asked if Yossi likes it, Yossi said she basically likes all milk-based food.

(that's about all I can recall, and I don't have the time to go listen to it again.)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

hAngry&Angry in Taiwan

That must be the legendary fluffy boots that got cream soda on it. (LOL)

(and yeah~  matching footwear~)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

hAngry&Angry f @America mura (Merry Christmas~)

Thanks to the person who filmed it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

shaberi007 2009-12-21

Host: So Rika, did you try to date after your graduation? (asked after Mari confessed about her dating fiasco that caused her to quit from MM)
Rika: There are times someone I find good comes along, but usually I don't know what to do from there.
Host: Yossi, you should lead her.
Yossi: I do. I tell her 'go ahead .'

Rika: Yes, I often discuss with her my problems, over drinks. We often drink together. Just recently, we were drinking and she said 'on a totally unrelated note, I think you really are cute.'

 (studio uproar)

One guy guest: Is that a confession again?

Yossi: No, not that~

(Yossi ears turned quite red, I mean who wouldn't?)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update @oricon blog and myspace

Multiple updates @H&A oricon official blog and myspace.

H&A @myspace chibi episode 2 - ending part
Yossi: Paris Paris Paris~
Rika (does the hand gesture and dances and squats, fading out of screen)
(but Yossi follows Rika with her camcorder) Yossi: You're still on it
Rika (stands up in defeat and laughs and prolly thinking "what a dork you are" and laughs again): eh~ To think that I had come up with a wonderful closing act.

(Me says...) I especially like this myspace vid in which they were filming each other. No over-the-moon facial expressions or animated gestures when talking to one another. They look so comfortable in each other's presence like it's the most natural thing to be together.