Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank you guys. Katatsumuri has officially retired.

Most of you should have guessed it coming...
due to my serious time constrains nowdays, I don't have the time to manage this blog or any other blogs now or I foresee in the future.
Though I welcome the idea if someone else want to take over writing this blog.

Anyways, there will be no shortage of ishiyoshi fix for you guys since I noticed the emergence of quite a number of ishiyoshi sites and forums recently.

The Ishiyoshi spirit will live on.

Hope you guys will remember Katatsumuri:
the one who made most of you an Ishiyoshi believer.

My mission is now complete.



Laily said...

but you are the best.
this is really sad.
i must say thank you. i really enjoy your writing.

Kicknturn said...

I completely agree.
Well,actually, I think "sad" is an understatement... There is no one quite like Kata-san.

But each of us has to do what we have to do. I wish you happiness of the same quality that you and ishiyoshi brought to us.

I have to say though, that although it seems like you and what you do are under-appreciated... I think it's only because we 1444 fans are rarely of the outspoken variety. You bring a certain amount of joy in our lives. Thank you.

sei said...
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sei said...

I always seem to miss your announcements to lack of internet, Kata-san! ><

Thank you so very much for all you have done for the 1444 community! I remember back when this was the only decent English 1444 blog and fanfiction I could find on the internet. I will sorely miss reading your blog for updates.

And (sorry for the edit) thanks a lot for your no-nonsense approach to blogging. It was really refreshing to read things straight and not masked with fluffy frivolities.

Take care, Kata-san!

Miki IV said...

This has shocked me.....
You converted me into an Ishiyoshi believer.
I don't know what to say, only thank you very much for all that you shared in your blogs.

But, I have the slight hope that at least you continue with your fics, even if you take too long to update, I'll be waiting, counting on it! ><

And again, Thanks for all!

Anonymous said...

Wow... it's too bad that it has to end. Your site was one of the early ishiyoshi site during those times for me when there were none other. I used to check everyday for any updates. Your site was also the first for me as a lurker to come out and comment. I highly enjoyed your analysis on the love of ishiyoshi. Thanks for all that you've done.

Anonymous said...

can you comeback?

苦い ゆこ said...




Anonymous said...

No... You are one of the ultimate IshiYoshi supporter, this is so sad. I hope you'll reopen your blog...

Anonymous said...

I miss you kata-saaaaan!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for these..please comeback..

Anonymous said...

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